The first service in the old Zion building on August 6th 1795, was largely due to the driving force of Thomas Humphreys. He was Colliery Manager, and an evangelist who also compiled a hymn-book. In 1812 a Sunday School was opened on these premises. By 1815 the congregation numbered 300, plus the 220 children who attended Sunday School where they also received a basic education.

The successful ministry of Rev Mends Howell from 1865 led to the need for a larger building, but he died suddenly aged 34 before the new Zion Congregational Church was opened in Sept.1873.

During 1800s three Methodist chapels had been built amongst the mining community. Wesley (1821); Bethel (1852); and Hebron (1887) each with a Sunday School.

In 1968 the three Methodist chapels and a Congregational (now URC) chapel amalgamated to form Zion United Church. The congregation comes from a wide variety of denominational backgrounds, so worship reflects this diversity, having a balance of traditional and modern styles, new songs and familiar hymns, informal and joyful. A warm welcome is extended to newcomers.