Village Walk

There are at least 7 different countryside walks from Frampton Cotterell / Coalpit Heath. One is chosen as the ‘Parish Walk’ so funding may improve accessibility along this route for people with disabilities, as it takes us across the centre of the village, including also part of the Frome Walkway. A visitor may get off a bus near the Parish Church, so the description starts from this location.

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St Peter’s Church is built of attractive pennant sandstone. It has 14th century tower with 6 bells, 19th century main building, wrought iron gate between pennant gateposts reinstalled from former village pound. Nearby is ‘The Globe Inn’ part of it from 18th century, which is conveniently available for refreshments.
Walk along Mill Lane and through Drew Bros. yard where a steel foundry still flourishes, to reach the river beside a modernised weir. An earlier weir sent water along the channel to a mill where corn was ground to flour.
Alongside the Frome, bushes overhang this pathway, often alive with bird song, and we may spot a kingfisher. Nearby is a sandstone outcrop where the river is deeper, and village youngsters learned to swim.
This delightful spot has deciduous trees, beneath which the Frome babbles over rounded stones, which are remains of a former mill. The Frome walkway continues towards a girder bridge, but our Parish walk has turned southwards, crossing a field where horses graze towards an ancient stile with gateway.
Although the next field is arable our pathway is well trodden, leading on to a kissing gate with entry into the ‘Centenary Field.’ This field purchased 1994, celebrates 100 years since Parish Councils were established, so is public open space, and has a recent plantation of 1800 native trees contributing towards the Forest of Avon.
Some may cross the Centenary Field back towards the parish church and conclude their walk. Others of us will continue parallel to the hedge, traversing a footpath between the houses then across Church Road. We continue along Beaufort Road through the Benson Estate, which consists of chalet type bungalows.
We go slightly downhill then do a dog-leg to walk along Park Row, which is a tree-lined cul de sac. This brings us to ‘The Park’ where we may see a game in progress on pitches for rugby, soccer, cricket and tennis, all clustered around a Sports Pavilion. Another area has children’s play equipment while nearby is a skate-board ramp and netball court.
At the far end of Park Row we go through a gate to the Hilly Fields where horses graze, and we get our best views across the Frome Valley. Walk diagonally down towards the river, which we cross using Nightingale’s Bridge. This bridge built of pennant stone was used by pack-horses during earlier centuries.
Having rejoined the Frome walkway, walk northwards keeping close to the river. The path crosses two lush meadows with wooden bridge between, then into Rectory Road.
At this corner is Bridge House, a delightful retirement home. We cross the river via the bridge, then walk across the Glebe Field, skirting another plantation for Forest of Avon. This concludes a circular tour for the Parish walk which takes about an hour.