Council History

The civil parish of Frampton Cotterell within the County of Gloucestershire was created by the 1894 Local Government Act. There was more local government reorganisation in 1974 when this parish became part of the newly-created County of Avon. Further local government reorganisation in 1996 caused Avon County to be disbanded, so Frampton Cotterell was one of 40 parishes constituting the new all-purpose Unitary Authority of South Gloucestershire . Thus, since its creation, Frampton Cotterell has been part of three principal local government areas. The Parish Council has responsibility for property at The Park, Centenary Field, Allotments, and Brockeridge Centre.

Football on the Park
The Park

In earlier years, The Park off School Road, measuring 2 hectares with a small pavilion, was used during summer for cricket and in winter for junior soccer. Several estates were built, so in the 1970s the Parish Council acquired the field adjoining the cricket square, increasing recreational land to over 3.5 hectares. This enabled a rugby pitch, tennis courts, and another junior soccer pitch to be provided, with also children’s play area plus a car park. Yet more houses meant demand for further sports facilities, so the Parish Council purchased an adjoining field of 3.5 hectares in the 1980s, and built a large two-storey pavilion comprising changing rooms with showers, a large hall and kitchen and a council meeting room. The extra land provided pitches for rugby, soccer and cricket. In the 1990s a skateboard ramp and a basketball court were constructed.

Allotments and Centenary Field

Land for much-wanted allotments was purchased in 1994, along with an adjacent field to be used as community open space. This was 100 years after the Local Government Act creating Parish Councils so this field off Mill Lane was named ‘Centenary Field’ . It contains a plantation of 1,800 broad-leafed native trees.

Badge of Office

The Parish Council celebrated its centenary with a Badge of Office inscribed (1894–1994) worn by the Chairman at official Functions. The badge depicts Nightingale’s Bridge across the Frome, the windmill tower, hatting, agriculture, and aero-engineering. This badge appears with Name Signs at the Parish boundary, also on Parish notepaper. Permission is given to use the badge as logo to Frampton Cotterell Web Site.

The Brockeridge Centre

Towards the end of the 1990s, land surplus to the needs of Brockeridge Infants’ School was acquired by the Parish Council. A new building was erected as the Council’s millennium project. Opened in the year 2000, the Brockeridge Centre in Woodend Road is used by all age groups, with accommodation for Parish Clerk’s office, café, computer room, young people’s room, and small meeting room. In the grounds is an area with colourful play equipment for toddlers.